Why We Love Lash Extensions

If you want thicker, fuller, longer lashes, and you want to save time applying fake lashes and mascara every day, you may want to get some lash extensions.

Never had them before? Here’s why we think they’re great:

Lash Extensions are Beautiful

Lash extensions look beautiful, giving you thick, fluttery lashes. It adds length and volume to your natural lashes without looking too ‘fake’, so if you want a natural look and you find false lashes don’t quite cut it, this could be the solution for you. Lash extensions can also help to lift your natural lashes.

They Won’t Harm Your Natural Lashes

Don’t worry – lash extensions won’t harm your natural lashes! They’re designed to keep your natural lashes intact, so you won’t have to worry about how you’ll look afterwards.

They are Easy to Maintain

Once you’ve had your appointment, the amount of time you’ll spend each morning on eye make-up will drastically reduce. You can go mascara-free without reaching for the eyelash curlers while still looking wide awake with fluttery lashes.

They are Water Resistant

They’re also water-resistant. You can shower and swim like normal, and you won’t have to worry about them if you get caught in a downpour!

They are Lightweight

The good thing about lash extensions is that they don’t feel heavy to wear. So, if you don’t like the feeling of multiple coats of mascara, or false lashes, you can have lash extensions instead – once they’re on, you can forget about them!

They Come in Different Styles

Lash extensions come in different shapes and sizes – sizes go from 6-17mm, and thickness from 0.05-0.25mm. So you can go as natural or dramatic as you want. You can also get different types of false lashes – from synthetic through to vegan lashes. Talk to your practitioner to decide on the best look for you.

Relaxed Lash Extension Experiences Berkhamsted

If you want an excuse to be pampered, lash extensions are great. It takes anywhere from one and half hours through to two hours for a complete set, and 40-60 minutes for infills. If you’ve never had them before, it’s advised that you get a patch test in case of allergies. Once that’s done, just turn up on the day without make-up, and you’ll be good to go. It’s a relaxing treatment as you just have to sit back, relax and enjoy Cecily’s massaging lash beds. Plus, you can’t look at your phone – a bonus if you want to switch off!

You will have to go back for a lash infill treatment around 2-4 weeks later – this is because your natural lashes will start to grow, causing the extensions to fall out gradually. These ‘top-up’ sessions can help your lashes stay beautiful while your natural lashes grow normal. Without infills, lashes can last between 6-9 weeks.

If you want a treat, why not book yourself in for eyelash extensions today?

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