Top Post Lockdown Treatments We Are All Looking Forward To

Lockdown has been tough for everyone in many different ways. Whether you have been home-schooling, home on furlough, working throughout, not seeing your friends and family or just missing that sense or normality. It little wonder then that so many people are getting excited about Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted re-opening, as a little luxury ‘me time’ is what so many of us have been craving.

Luxury Day Spa Berkhamsted

The top treatments that most of our customers have been missing are probably not a surprise! They are a mix of treatments where regular maintenance is required, such as nails and eyebrows, and also treatments where relaxation is key, such as facials and massages.

Here are some of the most popular post lockdown treatments that our customers have been missing the most:

Manicures & Nail Treatments – With so many people having to manage their own nails at home over the lockdown, getting your nails corrected into a natural and lovely shape, having those cuticles sorted and getting a smooth colour applied that lasts is one of the top treatments for our Berkhamsted customers. The same goes for pedicures!

Brows, Threading & Waxing – Hair removal and brow taming is one of the most important parts of any beauty regime, so it is not a surprise that bushy wild brows need taming and reshaping along with all sorts of hair removal via waxing or threading has been a very much missed treatment.

Relaxation Massage – A space where you can turn your phone off and just relax is something that most of our customers have missed the most. As a result, massages are top of many peoples list for a post lockdown treatment. Fortunately, Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted has a great range of massages perfect for everyone. From shorter head and scalp massages to a full deep body massage there is something for everyone, and the experienced massage therapists can advise what will work best for you.

Body Wraps – The relaxing feeling and benefits of body treatments such as a body wrap are not possible to try at home, so these treatments have become more popular as they have been missed more than most.

Spray Tanning – Even though we don’t yet know whether summer holidays will be possible, getting some of the glow back with a spray tan has been incredibly popular with many Cecily customers post lockdown. Having that lovely, bronzed colour applied by a professional spray tan just adds a little spring to your step as the nights get lighter and the restrictions get lessened.

Treatment for the Guys – We have a great range of specific treatment for the gents here at Cecily and they have been growing in popularity as guys realise the benefits of a relaxing massage or facial. With many guys working from home and feeling more stressed than normal, a relaxing massage can make all the difference to your day.

Whatever treatment you have missed the most, you can get booked in now with the Cecily team and relax in our luxurious Day Spa in the heart of Berkhamsted.

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