The Biggest Post-Lockdown Brow Trends

Lockdown has been the perfect excuse to let things go. Make-up, bra-wearing, hair removal – for many of us, it’s been a freeing time indeed!

Berkhamsted Brow Bar

However, now we’re heading to the end of lockdown and (fingers crossed) seeing a bit more normality, we’re all starting to think about getting ready to head back out into the real world.

If your brows have become a bit unruly, don’t worry – embrace them! Here are the biggest post-lockdown trends we’re expecting to see in 2021:

The Mono-Brow

Alright, maybe not a full mono-brow. But big brows that meet more closely in the middle are super on-trend right now. This helps them to appear bushy. If you’ve got naturally bushy brows, great! If you’re one of the many people suffering the after-effects of overplucking in your younger years, you can add a few subtle hairs using a fine-tipped brow pencil. Don’t go too heavy with it – take it slowly and build it up gradually.

The Skinny Brow

You may prefer the slim-brow look. That’s completely fine, and in fact, we may be seeing slimmer brows alongside bushier ones – there is diversity here. It’s a good idea to go to a beautician to have your brows properly shaped (to avoid the aforementioned overplucking disasters).

The Dewy Brow

Dewy, glowy, radiant skin has been on-trend for a few years now, and brows are no different. Clear brow wax works really well here, as it adds a bit of a dewy finish without being too shiny.

The Dramatic Brow

You can use your eyeshadow palette to create a bold brow. This displays the natural texture of your eyebrow without ‘smoothing’ it down too much, and it can be built up gradually to create a dark, dramatic brow. Just a light bit of powder in the middle can be enough to show off the natural shape of your brows.

The Textured Brow

Following on from this, textured brows are a big thing. Forget trying to smooth down those annoying, stubborn little hairs – instead, embrace the natural texture of your eyebrows, especially those hairs nearest to the middle of your face.

The Toned-Down Brow

If you prefer something low maintenance (especially after months of not having to worry about your brows!), you can go for the classic route of using a soft brow pencil to tidy them up a bit, and fill in any overplucked spots. A soft pencil is easy to use, it takes moments, and you can carry on with the rest of your day without overthinking it.

If you like, you can have your eyebrows professionally shaped first. This can help you to find the most flattering eyebrow shape for your facial structure, and it will be easier to maintain this shape if you have it done professionally first.

No matter what look you choose, there are plenty of options out there – why not use this post-lockdown time period to try out something new?

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