The Benefits of Regular Massage

At Cecily Spa in Berkhamsted we love a massage and know how amazing our clients feel after spending some much ‘kneaded’ time with us! We offer a great range of massage options perfect for all types of client and we wanted to share just some of the benefits of building massage into your regular beauty and relaxation routine.

Massages are becoming more and more popular as the benefits are experienced and talked about, from combatting specific problems to simple relaxation and increased wellness the demand for regular massage is growing, and it is not hard to understand why.

Massages are Relaxing – When your body is tense and is having to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life it produced elevated levels of the stress hormone called cortisol. This can contribute to a range of problems including sleeplessness and headaches. Massages are well known to increase relaxation and decrease this stress hormone making you feel relaxed, less stressed and ready to deal with the day. In addition, regular massage can boost your energy levels, reduce aches and pains and help with a sense of general wellness.

Massages Help with ‘Me Time’ – One of the biggest contributing factors to a sense of stress in day to day life is that we often feel we don’t have enough time for ourselves, or ‘me time’. Taking a regular slot to have a massage is a way to remove yourself from everyday life for a short time and simply relax in the luxury surroundings of the Cecily Day Spa. Resting and having a massage lets you refocus your thoughts, have time to yourself with no pressure and knowing you have that regular slot booked in to look forward to helps you deal with the normal work and family stress.

Couples Massage Increase Intimacy – For couples who struggle to find time to do things together, setting aside time to have a couple’s massage on a regular basis can help strengthen your relationship. Couples need to have time just for them to relax and have fun and having a massage at the same time meets these two requirements.

Massages Fit Your Lifestyle – There is no reason that a regular massage can’t be included in your regular routine and your lifestyle. Cecily Day Spa offers an impressive range of massage options including a mini massage for those who are short on time, full body massages for those who want to take full advantage of the masseurs skills and options like foot massages and Indian head massages for those who want to try different things.

Massages have health benefits – Regular massage has a range of health benefits for those who are looking to support a healthier lifestyle. It can help lower blood pressure, promotes muscle relaxations, eases aches and pains, promotes healing, improves circulation and can even help improve your posture.

Massage in Berkhamsted

The effects of regular massage are cumulative, and massage can be seen as a necessity to combat everyday life and not simply a luxury every now and again. At Cecily Day Spa we believe no relaxing massage should be rushed, so before or after your treatment you are invited to relax in our lounge and recharge before heading off back into the world.

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