Spray Tanning for the Festive Period

We know it is not quite Christmas yet, but it is coming quickly and planning how to look your best over the festive period starts now. A spray tan is one of the quickest and best ways to add a little something extra to your Christmas outfits, here are a few great reasons why a Spray Tan is perfect for Christmas:

Shine Like Strictly

As the nights start to darken and our summer holidays are fading into memories (as is the tan!) Strictly Come Dancing comes back on the TV. A welcome light-hearted family show where every generation can watch. It also gets us in the mood for a spray tan, just looking at how it makes the stars on the show sparkle, we can see how this can work wonders in the run up to Christmas for us.

Safe & Sunless

The great things about a spray tan is that it is completely sunless, unlike sunbeds which can damage your skin, spray tans are quick and easy to apply and will keep looking great throughout the festive holidays.

Add Festive Wow to Your Outfit

Whether it is a work Christmas party, a night out with the girls, Christmas day with the family or a huge New Years Eve Party, you will want to look your best. You will probably see everyone you know over this short time and have lots and lots of pictures taken so you want to look your best both in person and for ‘the gram’. Looking great and confident helps you feel great and confident and able to shine bright and hold your own at any Christmas party. A spray tan simply gives your body a glowing base that you can then add your new Christmas dress, and earrings too, so you look amazing in everything. A little wow factor can be added with something as simple and easy as a spray tan.

Ensure you are picture perfect

Looking back at old Christmas photographs can make you cringe, and it is normally because you look to pale, while everyone around you is looking healthy and happy. Now this may be because they are great make up artists, but the easiest and best way to get the glow in Christmas photographs is to have a great spray tan base. Looking tanned makes you look healthier, slimmer and have a glow that not everyone else has. And even better it is all over your body so get out those legs, shoulders and arms and show the world your bronzed self this Christmas.

Glitter Needs a Base

If there is one time you can really get away with wearing glitter (apart from in a field at a festival) is at Christmas. So, get the glitter out and enjoy using your glowing darker spray tanned base to work that glitter into your overall outfit.

Spray Tan Options

At Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted we are all about making you look and feel great, so we have a few great options for Spray Tanning to suit your needs. From the quick Sienna X tonight’s the Night quick spray tan to the more time needed Vita Liberata Anti-Ageing Tan and many others you can find the right spray tan and colour for you.

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