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As the darker days start to close in, there is no reason why your beauty regime needs to stay in the dark. Whether you are looking for warming treatments to soothe your soul or glamorous treatments to keep you looking fantastic before the festive season, Winter is a great time to relook at your beauty regime and book some treatments at our gorgeous spa in Berkhamsted.

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Facials – Facials are a great antidote to the winter blues. Seeing glowing, radiant skin looking out at you from your mirror will inevitably boost your mood. With your face being the most exposed part of your skin in the Winter, taking extra care and looking after your skin with a facial is more important than ever. Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted offers a full range of facials, including luxury ESPA facials, their own bespoke facial and even fast ‘flash and dash’ facials for those with limited time.

Body Treatments – Warming body treatments in Winter are a wonderful thing. Massages and body wraps are a real treat in the winter months, giving you some time and space in a busy day to relax and forget about the weather giving you a deep sense of calm. Massages can also help the winter blues as they reduce stress and anxiety and boost your self-esteem.

Winter Tanning – There is minimal sun in the UK in Winter, but we all know that every outfit looks so much better when you have a tan. Keeping up with your spray tans in Winter is even more important than in the summer. Sunless tanning gives your whole body a gorgeous glow that lifts your mood and keeps up your tan ready for the festive season.

Teeth Whitening – Winter can be dark and cold, but it also includes the festive season and many parties. One of the best ways to boost your look ready for all those party selfies is to brighten your smile. It is the one thing everyone will see, and it is a quick and easy process to lift the shades of your teeth and make your smile light and bright.

Lashes and Brows – If you don’t feel like wearing as much make-up in Winter, then make sure your lashes and brows are well manicured as they will frame your face making the rest of your beauty regime quick and easy.

Manicures and Pedicures – One of the ways to inject some colour into your life in the Winter is to have regular mani’s and pedi’s and take the opportunity to add some great colours to your nails. Your hands are also one of the most exposed parts of your body in the Winter, so looking after your hands and nails is essential at this time of year.

Winter Pampering is Essential

Giving yourself time away from the normal everyday stresses is essential at any time of year, but in the Winter, when we are often indoors, this extra ‘me time’ is an essential element to anyone’s well-being. Cecily Day Spa is a haven in the heart of Berkhamsted for all your beauty and relaxation needs.

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