Sandal Season is Coming (and Other Reasons You Need to Book a Pedicure)

It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally say that sandal season is fast approaching, so it’s time for a pedicure! While we’ve been living in trainers and wellies for the past six months, it’s finally time to dust off our sandals and wedges and enjoy a bit of sunshine!

Pedicures Berkhamsted

Booking a pedicure is a great way to give yourself a pick-me-up and ensure you have pretty feet this summer. But there are other benefits, too:

Pedicures Are Great for Wear and Tear

Something we’ve all been doing a lot during lockdown? Walking. With walking being one of the only activities available, many of us have taken up strolling around our neighbourhoods as a pastime, and now that the world is opening up, some of us are returning to the daily commute. However, being on your feet all day can take its toll – the average person takes 10,000 steps a day – and a pedicure is a great way to take care of the skin on your feet, particularly if you are prone to calluses.

Pedicures are Relaxing.

Taking care of your feet is just one part of essential self-care for the body. When you book into a luxury pedicure, you’re not just having your nails painted – you are treating yourself to a deep clean, nail care, and foot/calf massage. It’s a perfect treat if you want to take some time for yourself, and it saves you from taking care of your feet in your own time.

Pedicures Add Colour

Along with the benefits to your feet and nails, having colourfully painted toenails, then slipping them into sandals to meet friends or family in a park or pub, is something we have all been looking forward to for a while. A great pedicure and coloured toes can really give you that spring in your step!

You Can Detect Problems Early

It’s easy to neglect your feet, and therefore problems can easily slip under the radar without you noticing them. Pedicures are an excellent opportunity to spot any future problems brewing, including corns, bunions, and fungal infections – allowing you to tackle them head-on before they get worse.

It Can Keep Your Nails Healthy

Nail health is another crucial thing that many people neglect to consider. Clipping and cleaning of toenails prevent painful ingrown nails and can remove dirt and bacteria from your feet, decreasing the likelihood of infections.

It’s Good for Your Skin

Exfoliation is excellent for the feet – it removes dead skin cells, which can even prevent bunions or corns from developing. Once your skin is nice and smooth, it can be moisturised, which can help to prevent cracking and blistering. If your feet have suffered a bit of neglect recently, it’s worth nourishing your skin and nails to avoid future problems.

It Promotes Good Circulation

On the other hand, if you’ve developed a more sedentary lifestyle, pedicures are great for improving circulation in your feet. If you find yourself getting aches and pains in your feet, you can enjoy a massage, which not only feels good at the time but helps to promote circulation and reduce tension. It can also help to distribute heat throughout your body. Plus, a foot massage always feels like a relaxing treat!

If you are planning to wear your sandals soon, book an appointment within the beautiful Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted for beautiful toenails, soft heels and perhaps a cocktail while you are there!

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