How to Prepare for Your First Waxing Appointment in a While!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? While this winter has felt very, very long, spring is finally here – and you can make appointments for all your must-have beauty treatments, including waxing!

Waxing Berkhamsted

If you haven’t had a wax in a long time, don’t worry; the team at Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted will make you feel comfortable and hair-free in no time! If you have any concerns or queries before or after you wax, don’t hesitate to ask any questions to the experienced Cecily team.

To ease you into your first wax post lockdown, here are a few tips:

Trim Your Hair

Your hair should be no longer than a quarter of an inch. Otherwise, that wax is going to feel more painful. If you feel able, give it a trim with small scissors, making sure you leave at least 1cm of growth for your wax.

Shaving vs. Waxing

If you’ve started shaving over lockdown, you’re not alone – but you may want to prepare yourself. Your first wax post-shaving may hurt a little more than you expected, as shaving causes the hair to grow stronger and makes your skin more sensitive. Once you’ve had that first wax, your hair and skin will quickly settle back into the waxing routine, so don’t feel you’ve undone all your progress by shaving – it shouldn’t take long to get back to normal.

Pre-wax Preparation

There are a few things you can do to prepare before your wax:

  • Treat your body to a good scrub with a body scrub or mitt. Exfoliating the skin will make it easier for the wax to stick to your hair rather than sticking to your skin, which can make it a bit less painful. Doing this 24 hours before the wax will really help.
  • Take some ibuprofen before your appointment if possible – this will help to reduce inflammation and help with the pain. Taking ibuprofen around half an hour before your appointment may help, but don’t feel you have to if you’d rather avoid taking painkillers.
  • Avoid waxing if you’re taking antibiotics – if you’re currently taking antibiotics, you may want to wait a little while, as antibiotics can make the skin more sensitive. It may be worth waiting a few days after you stop taking them before you go for a wax.

Post-wax Recovery

Wear loose-fitting clothing – now’s the time to dig out your pyjamas or jogging bottoms again!

You will also want to avoid a few things after waxing, including:

  • Exercise – for around 24 hours after
  • Sun exposure – you should protect your skin from the sun for 48 hours before and after your appointment.
  • Exfoliating – don’t exfoliate for at least 48 hours afterwards.

You can also use a soothing gel afterwards, which can help. Look for one with aloe vera, which has incredible skin-calming properties.

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