If you are considering a piercing, you’ll want to find the safest place to have it done. We recommend a beauty salon for your piercings for a few reasons.

A beauty salon will have excellent hygiene procedures in place to keep you safe. Surfaces (including your chair and the surrounding areas) will be cleaned, and practitioners will use appropriate PPE. They will be able to check if your ear is healthy (for example, they will check for cysts or scars) before cleaning your ear with prep pads. As much as possible, our piercers will try to reduce contact with you to keep you safe.

Piercing Berkhamsted

Your piercer will be trained to give piercings safely. Whether you want your first or second ear piercings, belly button piercing, or nose piercing, our qualified practitioners will be able to help you.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

Choose Your Jewellery – First, you will be able to choose your jewellery – prices can vary depending on the type of earrings you choose.

Hygiene and Paperwork – Once you’ve completed some paperwork, our practitioners will complete some hygiene checks to ensure your piercing is as safe as possible. They will check the area for any bumps or cysts. Then they will wipe your ear (or the site to be pierced) with a cleaning wipe.

Marking the Piercing – Your piercer will mark the spot where the earring will go. They will show you this before the piercing is completed to make sure you are completely happy with the placement.

The Piercing – Your piercer will then pierce the area in question using completely sterile equipment. One squeeze later, and your piercing is complete!

Piercing Aftercare

Your piercer will take you through the aftercare process. There are a few things you can do to take care of your piercing:

  • Make sure you wash your hands before and after touching your piercings
  • Try not to touch them too often – it’s important to leave them as much as possible to heal
  • Clean the back and front of the piercing with a saline solution and a cotton pad each day
  • Rotate your earrings (if applicable – your piercer will talk you through this) each day

Try to avoid:

  • Getting shampoo, conditioner, hairspray etc. in your piercings (especially in the first few weeks afterwards)
  • Bang or catch your piercing when brushing or drying your hair
  • Go into swimming pools or hot tubs in the first few weeks as your piercing heals

Remember, you can ask questions – if there is anything you are unsure about or feel you need more information before you get your piercing, feel free to ask!

If you’ve wanted a piercing and you’re looking for somewhere safe to go, why not book an appointment today?