Why Get a Winter Glow with a Spray Tan this Winter

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The winter months can often be a time when we put less effort into how we look. It’s cold and damp, the nights are drawing in and we’re more likely to feel like hibernating than getting out and about.  What could be nicer than stepping into a gorgeous day spa like Cecily in Berkhamsted and waling out with a true winter glow!

Boost Your Winter Confidence with a Spray Tan

If you want to add a little colour and boost your confidence at the same time, opting for a spray tan makes perfect sense. The great news is that it takes such as few minutes and can last for days.

Healthy glowing skin has a knock-on effect whether you’re heading out for a Christmas party or going to an important meeting at work or an interview. If you’re worried about the damaging effects of sitting on a sunbed, then a spray tan is the perfect alternative.

What Happens During a Spray Tan Session?

You may have seen it being done on TV but essentially the tanning process is very simple. You stand in a protected tent and a special tanning spray is administered in a fine mist by a qualified practitioner.

The tanning solution contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which reacts to your skin chemistry to create a bronzed appearance. The depth of the tan is determined by the concentration of DHA in the solution used. So, you can go for a light tan or something much darker, depending on how you feel.

You can have multiple bookings for a spray tan over the winter if you want to keep that winter glow going, or you can simply have one tanning session for a special occasion.

The Benefits of a Spray Tan

The first thing you might notice is a lift in your mood. The winter months can make us feel a little down because it’s dark, damp, and wet. Our skin gets a lot paler after the summer months and tends to look a lot less healthy too. A quick spray tan and you’re back to looking beach body ready without spending hours under a sun bed lamp.

A spray tan makes your skin look healthier and, with the latest technology, appears perfectly natural. People can feel a lot more toned and even slimmer with a complete mindset change. That confidence can spill over to your everyday life, whether that’s at home with the family, out with friends or at work.

Get the Winter Glow

Creating that natural glow is certainly going to be a great asset when as we run up to the Christmas period. Unlike spray tans in the past, modern systems provide you with a streak-free application that looks amazing and natural. It’s also timesaving.

The surroundings at Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted are gorgeous and getting a winter glow up does not have to stop at a spray tan. Having a massage, a manicure or a facial can really brighten up the cold winter days.

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