Why Everyone Needs a Pedicure This Summer

Summer has arrived, and we’re keener than ever to get out there and start socializing with people. Hot summer days and long evenings call for sandals – meaning now is the perfect time to get a pedicure!

Summer Pedicures are Amazing

A spa pedicure is designed to improve the look of your feet and toenails. Like a manicure, this is more than just nail painting – massages and lotions may be used to help you to feel relaxed and pampered, and you can have dead skin cells removed using foot exfoliation.

Here’s why we think everyone needs a pedicure this summer:

Deep Cleaning – Your pedicure will start with a foot spa. This is something that many people don’t get a chance to do very often, so it’s a nice relaxing start to your treatment. It also softens and prepares the skin for exfoliation.

Exfoliation – Again, this is something that many people don’t have time for at home. Exfoliating those dead skin cells will feel like a real treat. This will be done using an exfoliant cream or a foot file to remove tougher areas of skin on your feet, revealing baby-soft skin underneath!

Relaxation – A pedicure is very relaxing. Any kind of treatment is great for taking time out of your normal busy life just to sit and be still – you can’t move around or multitask during a pedicure, so why not switch off your phone, sit down, and relax for a while?

You will also receive a foot massage using moisturizer. This will leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth and is a great way to unwind and feel pampered and cared for.

Nail Care – Finally, there’s the nail care part of the pedicure. Your nails will be cut and filed into neat shapes. Then you can choose your nail polish – you can go wild here if you want to, and there will be something to suit everyone. Whether you want to go for a pop of summer neon, a subtle nude, a slick of classic red, or multicoloured nails with embellishments – it’s totally up to you. A good base coat and topcoat will ensure that your nail varnish stays in place for a while to come.

Easy Aftercare – It’s easy to take care of your feet after your pedicure. Just make sure to wear flip flops for a few hours afterwards to make sure your nails can fully dry without smudging. You should also avoid getting your feet wet for around 12 hours afterwards – although your nails might feel dry, getting them wet too early can cause them to peel or chip too soon.

If you want to keep up the results in between, you can take time each week to exfoliate your feet with a pumice stone and regularly moisturize to prolong the lovely feeling of having super-soft feet.

Pedicure in Berkhamsted

Summer is here and if your toes and heels are out, getting a pedicure from the team at Cecily in Berkhamsted is the best way to feel confident in every step.

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