What is the Natural Nail Trend?

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If you have seen the latest trend for barely there natural nails, you are not alone! This is an understated modern nail trend that suits everybody and will match any outfit. Described as you natural nails – but better!

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Whether you love keeping up with the latest fashion trends, or whether you want a classic French Manicure, the best place to get your nails in tip top condition is at Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted. A luxury space in the heart of Berko, a real luxury space where you can be pampered before stepping back into your life with gorgeous nails and feeling amazing.

The Natural Nail Trend

Healthy glowing nails seems to be the driver of this nail trend, and a want to look truly natural (but polished) Currently fashion, in both clothing, homewares and beauty treatments falls into two main categories. The first is maximalist where creative expression, colour and clashing styles is paramount, the second is the minimalist aesthetic including a natural look. Using natural materials in clothing or homewares, and with beauty this translates as natural but glowing skin, natural coloured hair but looking healthy and shiny and of course polished but natural looking nails.

Celebrities Love Natural Nails

As usual this trend is moved on and made popular by celebrities sporting natural nails. Celebs like Cate Blanchette, and Jodie Comer have all been seen with colour free polished nails. It looks clean, and fresh and compliments any and every outfit. It is a classic look that works for both special occasions or a day in the office. It has also been seen on many brides who love the simplicity and naturalness of the paired back natural nail trend.

The Colour of Natural Nails

Naked nails still need colour and polish to make them look amazing. The truth about this and most beauty trends is that the more effortless it looks, the more maintenance is needed to keep it looking fresh. Choose a colour close, or a shade lighter than your skin tone for a real dewy look. A little paler will help with the shine and definition between nail and fingers. This trend has also been described as lip gloss nails, which is a great way to describe it.

Shape Your Nails

Even with a barely there, naked, natural nail, the shape of the nail can make a real statement to define the look of the nail. The natural feel of the colour perhaps suggest a nail very natural nail shape of ‘squoval’ a rounded nail that follows the contours of your natural nail shape. Of course it is all personal choice and if you want long square nails then go for it, your style is your own.

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However you like to keep your nails, whether you have the same style every time or whether you like to change it up with each manicure, the best place to keep your nails in tip top shape is at Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted.

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