What is Skinimalism?

Skincare is more popular than ever, with skincare routines ranging from three steps all the way through to fifteen or more. With so many exfoliators, cleansers, moisturisers, and serums out there, it can start to get confusing really quickly.

With so many of us working from home during lockdown (and possibly into the foreseeable future), our skincare regimes may not have been top of our priority list. Wearing less makeup has given lots of women’s skin time to breathe, and they are liking the minimalist look. The slimming down of makeup can also translate into slimming down of skincare routine – and that is what skinimalism’ is all about!

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There is a downside to having a complex skin routine – rather than having a beneficial outcome, overloading your skin with new products can lead to redness, irritation, sensitivity, and spots. If you want to strip things back a bit, then good news – you can embrace ‘skinimalism’, the newest skincare movement that is gaining traction pretty quickly.

What is Skinimalism?

Skinimalism is the idea of stripping back our skincare to the barest essentials. Every product is carefully chosen to target your specific skin issues, and there is an emphasis on products that can multitask, tackling several problems in one go.

Layering too many active ingredients can overwhelm the skin, which means any benefits may be negated. If you do not see good results from your skincare routine, this could be the problem.

How do I choose the right products?

It depends on your specific needs. The experienced team at Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted can advise on the best products to use on your skin and how often to use them. As a baseline, these are the skincare essentials:

  • Cleansing and makeup removing: a vital step to clean, healthy skin
  • Exfoliating: this helps to remove dead skin cells, making any products you apply sink in more easily
  • Moisturising: all skin requires a moisturiser to help it looking healthy and hydrated

That’s it. Any extras – eye creams, serums, face masks, treatments – are just that: extras. As long as you have your skincare foundation in place, you’re good to go.

Go back to basics

If you’ve been using a complex skincare routine, now is the time to strip back. Use just the basics – cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising – and focus on finding the best possible product for each step. Do you need a separate SPF, or could you use a moisturiser with SPF built-in? Can you find a cleanser that deals with redness and discolouration as well as general cleansing?

Slowly Reintroduce Products

If you do fancy introducing something else – like a serum or an eye cream – tread very carefully. Do your research, and ask yourself: do I really need this product? Will it improve my skin?

Skinimalism is excellent for both your time and your wallet. Plus, if you hate having to deal with your skincare routine right before bed when you’re tired, it’s the perfect solution for you. Why not try the stripped-back skincare approach?

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