Top Signs You Need A Massage

Sometimes we are guilty of ignoring the signs and signals that our bodies send to us.  We think a headache is just because it was noisy at work or that the ache in the shoulder is just because you picked up something heavy.  And sometimes it is.  But other times it is a sign that something isn’t right, and you need to take notice – and often, a massage can be a great solution.

Here are some of the most common signs that tell you a massage is the solution.

Massage for Bad Posture

If you have a job where you spend lots of time sitting in a certain position, usually not a very good one, then your posture is likely to suffer.  Hunching over a keyword, sitting at a funny angle because the desk is too cluttered, all of these can affect your posture.

Long term, these problems can have a real impact on spinal health, but a massage can help to ease the tension, relax muscles and get everything back into a natural position.

Massage for Headaches

Headaches can be caused by all sorts of things but should never be ignored.  For example, hormone imbalances can lead to headaches and so cannot drinking enough.  But another big cause is tension in the back, head and neck and that’s where massage can help.  A massage therapist will use the right essential oils and understanding of pressure points to help ease the tension and the headaches with it.

Massage for Sighing

Did you know that sighing a lot is a sign of needing a message?  And there’s science to back it up.  When you sigh a lot, it is because you are breathing in and holding your breathe due to tension of the ribcage.  Experts say that sighing a lot means you are holding in the breath too tightly and this is interfering with posture.  A massage can definitely help with restoring posture, normal breathing and easing the need to sigh.

Massage for Tension

Stress can be good in the right amounts but when it steps over the boundary between healthy and unhealthy, it starts to cause all kinds of other problems.  Mostly, it causes tension in the body where everything is tenser than it needs to be, starts to cause pain or aches and headaches, as mentioned above.  Massage can ease this tension and help you to cope better with stress by easing physical symptoms.

Massage for Workouts

If you have recently started to work out or have made a major change to your workout routine, then a good massage should be on your list.  Working out means building new muscle and putting strain on your body and while this is good, you also need to understand the pressure it puts on.  Massage can help improve range of motion, release tension and stretch muscles to avoid injury.

Massage for Relaxation & Enjoyment

The final reason to have a massage is simple – if you haven’t had one before, you will enjoy it and feel a whole range of benefits from it.  Even if you aren’t experiencing any of these signs, having a massage can help you avoid these problems – prevent rather than cure!

Massage Berkhamsted

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