Spa Treatments to Get You Ready for The Party Season

Christmas is such a busy time that it is often the case that we forget to take care of ourselves.  Plus, with all those parties, family events and other special occasions, you want to look your best but don’t always have the time to pamper.  That’s where the best spa treatments can come in – a chance to relax and to get ready for the party season.

Skincare Treatments

When it comes to getting your skin ready for Christmas, it is important to remember not to try anything too different just before the party season.  Stick with your normal skincare routine and use products that you know are going to work for you.  Remember to stay hydrated as well as this plays a big part in skin coping with the weather and the stress.

The best spa treatment for your skin can be something simple like a facial.  There’s plenty of massage, masks and serum involved as well as moisturisers and this can plump up the skin, so it looks healthy.  Plan to have a facial around 24 hours before the party as the results usually last for 24-48 hours. You can discuss which facial will work best for your skin and the results you want with the experts at Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted.

Body Treatments

Looking after your face is one thing but the whole of your body can benefit from a little spa treatment during the lead up to Christmas.  Sure, you can go down a DIY route and do some of these things at home, but it is definitely worth treating yourself and visiting a spa – plus this guarantee you get the treatment and your busy life doesn’t get in the way.

A basic body scrub is an ideal refreshing treatment that can help to remove those outermost dead skin cells and leave the skin looking fresher. You can also combine this with a treatment to restore moisture levels or a hydration treatment.


Visiting the spa doesn’t need to be a day long affair – there are plenty of mini-treatments that deal with something specific and don’t take too long.

Professional eyebrow shaping is a perfect example alongside a manicure or a pedicure (or both).  These don’t take too long but can give you a boost and help you feel and look your best for those Christmas parties and events.

When to get treatments

When you decide what treatments you want, then it is important to think about when to get them.  For example, waxing and tanning treatments can last a certain time but things like eyebrows should be done just before the event.

Body treatments can last for a while as can the results of facials and sometimes you don’t want to have treatments too near the event to allow your skin to settle down afterwards. Cecily Day Spa offers a great range of treatments for everybody, ensuring you look and feel your best this festive season.

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