Should You Thread or Wax Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow maintenance is a tricky thing to get right. While most of us have learned to leave the tweezers alone as much as possible, it’s still important to find the best eyebrow treatment for you. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between eyebrow threading and eyebrow waxing, here’s everything you need to know:

Eyebrow Threading Berkhamsted

Threading involves using two cotton strings to pull each strand of hair out of the follicle. It’s interesting to watch, and very precise. It can feel a little uncomfortable and doesn’t involve using any kind of product on your skin. If you use strong anti-ageing products on the skin around your eyes, this may be the better option, as you’re more likely to encounter irritation from waxing.

It’s also a great choice if you have sensitive skin that tends to react strongly to products.

The downside to threading? It can damage the hair follicle. This can impact regrowth. While that doesn’t sound like a bad thing, you’ll want to make sure that you absolutely don’t want that hair and can happily risk it not growing back again. It can also feel a bit more uncomfortable and takes longer than waxing.

Eyebrow Waxing Berkhamsted

Waxing involves applying warm wax to the eyebrow hairs. A cloth strip is then applied, and after a few seconds, it’s ripped off.

There are several advantages to waxing. For one thing, it’s over with very quickly. It feels more gentle, and you’re less likely to have damaged follicles afterwards. Regrowth will be slow, and the hair will grow back softer and less dense. Plus, the more often you go, the more you’ll get used to the feeling – it can be a bit uncomfortable at first.

The disadvantages? You may experience some temporary redness, irritation, and swelling. While this shouldn’t last, it is something to bear in mind. Plus, if you do use strong products around the brow area, you might find that your skin is already sensitive, and therefore could react more strongly to the wax.

You may also find your skin reacts badly if it’s particularly sensitive. If you’ve never had a wax before, it may be worth asking about a patch test to make sure your skin can cope with it.

Which One Should You Choose?

This is obviously going to be a personal decision. If you have sensitive skin and want to avoid any possible reactions, or you want something very precise, go for threading – but bear in mind that the appointment may take longer. If you want something quick, relatively easy, and with soft regrowth afterwards, we’d recommend booking a wax instead.

The costs are fairly similar, and the aftercare is similar too – you should try to avoid sun exposure for a couple of days afterwards and avoid using any strong skincare products as your skin will already be sensitive.

If your brows need a new look, why not book an appointment, and see which treatment is best for you?

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