Naturawhite Advanced USB Teeth Whitening Kit

Naturawhite Advanced USB Teeth Whitening Kit is designed to brighten your smile. You can achieve up to 6 shades whiter teeth from anywhere: simply plug into your phone and go!

Our specialised formula is designed for sensitive teeth, as well as being Cruelty-Free and Vegan Friendly. This is a simple and effective daily treatment to achieve noticeably whiter teeth without booking an appointment.

Naturawhite always strives to deliver the best value in the teeth whitening market.

What’s in the Kit:

🗸 1x USB Light – activates the formula and accelerates the whitening process

🗸 3x 3ml Whitening Pens – enough to last for 8-10 treatments

🗸 1x User Guide – full list of safe instructions for use

🗸 1x Style Guide – chart the progress of your celebrity smile

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