Nail Trends for Autumn and Winter

Whether you love or hate the colder weather, it’s on the way – and it’s the perfect time to shake up your look. Trying something new for your nails can give you a new look in a subtle way, and it’s a great, cheap alternative to buying a new wardrobe!

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Autumn Winter Nail Trends

Fashion changes with the seasons, here are a quick list of what we are noticing is trending for Autumn and Winter this year, so take some inspiration from the below or bring in your own ideas to get nails that you love!

Classic Burgundy – OK, this might not sound ground-breaking. Burgundy is a classic colour for the autumn and winter for good reason! For a classic look, go for a deep red-wine, or to mix it up a bit, go for a raspberry shade. If you want to go darker, a dark reddish-brown is great for the winter.

Gothic Glamour – If burgundy isn’t dark enough for you, why not try dark blue, grey, or even pure black? Now is a good time to embrace darker shades, and you might be surprised at how well it suits you if you’ve never tried a dark polish before. They’re slightly more high maintenance, because every little smudge will show – but you could use this as the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a manicure.

Sparkle and Shine – Glitter shouldn’t be saved just for Christmas! Going for gold nails can bring a bit of glam to dull autumn and winter days. You can go for a more subtle metallic gold or go for full-on glitter. One classy look that you might start to see is a nude nail combined with a metallic or glittery tip – an interesting twist on the French manicure.

Wet Look – If you want a high-fashion style, wet-look nails are the way to go. Combine your chosen colour with a layer of a high-shine topcoat. You can also go for bare nails with a high-shine gloss on top – a natural, low-maintenance look that still looks polished.

Go Long – Long, oval-shaped nails are in style right now, and it’s a softer shape to try if you’re not used to having long nails. They give a hint of glamour, but they’re not as dramatic as a pointed stiletto nail.

Stay Natural – Polished but natural nails are always going to stay in style. A quick layer of clear polish can give you a ‘neat-and-tidy’ look without having to put in too much effort. Or you can go for a classic nude shade. A peachy nude will still show a hint of the nail tip underneath, so it still feels natural, but adds a feminine touch to your nails.

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