Make Self Care a Priority by Creating Your Own Home Spa

While professional city centre Day Spas like Cecily in Berkhamsted patiently wait to be told when they can reopen, people at home know that self-care has never been more important. Wellness has never been more important to try and ease our anxious minds and soothe our stressed-out souls. Whether you are a mum cooped up with young children, a key-worker who needs a little ‘me time’, or someone who has been furloughed, follow our tips on how to create a peaceful sanctuary that will give you that blissful feeling of calm.

Set the Mood – A scented candle, some soft music and dimmed lighting can all help to create a relaxing atmosphere similar to that found in a spa setting. Choose a candle with an aromatherapy base such as lavender or rose for floral stress relief.

When it comes to music, choose Zen tunes that will quieten any anxious thoughts in your mind and help you to unwind.

Clear Your Head – Easier said than done, but if you are worrying about the kids’ tea or a big work project, you won’t be able to enjoy the tranquil offerings of your home spa. Take half an hour to soak up the atmosphere in your room, without your phone and with a fresh herbal tea or glass of wine, depending on your preference and time of day! You could even take the time to try some meditation exercises.

Bathe in Luxury – A long soak in a hot tub is an essential part of the home spa. Throw a cup of Epsom salts into your bath to help soothe tired, aching muscles and then choose a beautifully scented body oil for afterwards that will help lock in moisture and make your skin feel extra smooth.

If you only have a shower, make it more special with a few drops of essential oil on the shower floor before you get in. The scent will rise as it warms up, so that you can feel the sensual benefits.

Give Your Face Some Love – Now is the time for your facial. Use a scented cleanser to remove any residual dirt from your face and then take some time to exfoliate with a nice scrub. Once your complexion is prepped, you can choose your favourite face mask. Smooth it onto your skin and then lay back and relax until it is time to take it off.

A face massage is the perfect end to a luxury facial. There are a number of tools on the market that help to stimulate the muscles and encourage blood to come to the surface of the skin for a complexion that is bright and glowing.

Treat Your Tresses – We are all desperate to see our hairdressers again, but you can still make the most of your locks at home. While your face mask is doing its stuff, why not treat your hair with a hair mask at the same time?

Top-To-Toe Moisture – Before your spa session comes to an end, make sure to moisturize your whole body so that your skin feels soft and smooth for the rest of the day.

We appreciate a home spa experience will not be as wonderful as the ability to switch off completely and walk into the luxury surroundings of the Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted but you can still indulge in some quality time for yourself that will leave you feeling calmer and looking forward to booking an appointment!

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