How Spa Treatments and Self-Care Practices Can Boost Your Wellbeing In 2020

Life is busy – there’s no doubt.  Between work, family, friends and other commitments, it can be hard to find time to look after yourself.  Yet self-care is more than just a buzzword – it is a very important concept to help maintain physical and mental health.

A great way to incorporate some self-care with some downtime is with spa treatments and as part of a larger system of self-care can really make a big difference to your health. Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted is the perfect place to choose a great treatment and boost your wellbeing.

What exactly is self-care?

Because it is such a popular phrase, it is easy to forget what self-care really means.  There are lots of different ways to think about self-care, but examples can be:

  • Taking time to read a book
  • Listen to a podcast while relaxing in the garden
  • Booking a Spa Treatment
  • Do something creative like cooking, painting or crafts
  • Going for a walk or other types of exercise

Another part of self-care is to look after your physical health and that can be done in part by what you eat and drink.  Meal planning and preparing food may seem like a chore but you can view it as part of looking after yourself and therefore it becomes part of your self-care routine.

Managing stress

Stress is both a healthy motivator and a serious risk to your health, depending on the levels and length of time you suffer it for.  Healthy stress can keep us alert, engaged and active but when it steps over into unhealthy stress, you need self-care to help in coping with it.

There are lots of ways stress sneaks into life.  Work stress is one of the most common, pressures of our jobs or running a business.  By taking on too much, not giving yourself enough downtime or detaching from your work, this stress can turn unhealthy.

Family stress is another common one – the pressure of trying to do everything for your family, fulfilling family commitment or dealing with problems at home.  These can be a little more difficult to get away from but giving yourself time to care for yourself is even more important.

Best spa treatments for self-care

Spa treatments count as self-care because you are taking time to look after yourself, get away from the normal routines in life and relax.  The idea is to be able to get away from the normal rush of life and to have a break.

Beauty treatments at a spa can also be a great idea.  Manicures and pedicures are good examples of treatments that let you have that pampered feeling, look better but also don’t take up a huge amount of time.  That way, if time is short, you don’t end up feeling guilty for being gone too long.

Look after yourself

It is crucial to look after yourself – you are the only one that can really do it.  You need to give yourself time to do things that make you feel better, be more relaxed or feel healthier.  The benefits of self-care will quickly show through. Book an appointment at Cecily Day Spa, relax and enjoy the luxurious surroundings and spend some time on you.

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