How Day Spas are Revolutionising Mental Wellbeing

We all know that one of the most challenging parts of lockdown has been taking care of not just our physical health but our mental wellbeing. The team at Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted know how relaxed their customers are after a visit to their beautiful day spa and are looking forward to welcoming everybody back to give them the ‘me time’ they have missed during lockdown.

Day Spa Berkhamsted

Mental wellbeing is hugely important. With the pace and stress of modern life, it can be tough to look after the mind and body, but a visit to a day spa-like Cecily in Berkhamsted-can help soothe those worries away.

Mental wellbeing, which essentially means thriving in many areas of your life, like work, home life, and in your relationships – is easily neglected, especially if you live a hectic lifestyle. However, there are a lot of benefits to taking the time to support your wellness, including:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Less stress
  • More productivity at work and home
  • Healthier, happier relationships
  • Having the headspace to pursue your own goals and interests

Wellness & Mental Health

It can be really hard to prioritise yourself, but in order to look after others and meet all your responsibilities, you have to take care of your own wellbeing first. Relaxation is vital when it comes to taking care of your mental wellbeing as it allows your mind the chance to switch off.

Day spas can offer a great way to escape the pressures of everyday life and truly unwind. Here’s how:

True Peace and Quiet – Day spas offer something that is becoming rarer to find: true, total peace and quiet. With many people working at all hours of the day rather than sticking to 9-5, a day at the spa can offer a much-needed rest from work-related (or general life) pressures.

In relaxing, tranquil surroundings, you can really unwind at last. To make the most of your time at a day spa, make sure you leave your phone on silent and try to resist the urge to check your emails – they can wait until you get home.

Relaxing Massage – If you’re at the day spa, you can try a massage. Massage has been proven to encourage relaxation and release tension by lowering the heart rate, releasing beneficial hormones like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. A massage in the tranquil setting of a day spa can help you to feel content.

Prioritising ‘Me Time’ – If you’re a busy parent, a carer, or have many responsibilities to other people, you may find it challenging to carve out time to truly look after yourself. It can feel selfish to switch off for the day, but it’s necessary from time-to-time. You can’t give other people your full energy and devotion if you’re running on empty. Booking a day at a spa away from your regular responsibilities can help you feel refreshed and energised, and ready to start again.

Improve Your Self-Confidence – Physical treatments, like massages and skin-nourishing treatments like exfoliation or body wraps, can help you to feel comfortable in your own body. As well as helping to relieve inflammation, treat skin conditions, and relax your muscles, these types of treatments can help you think of your body in a positive way.

An act of self-care towards your own physical self, taking the time to look after your body is a great way to reconnect with how you really feel, and take a moment to feel grateful for all that you have been able to achieve.

Prebooking your appointment with Cecily Day Spa for post-lockdown opening is now available, so book now and give yourself some ‘me time’ to look forward to. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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