Great Treatment Options to Tame Your Eyebrows After Lockdown

If your eyebrows aren’t looking so good, don’t worry – you’re far from the only one. We have all realised the importance of good eyebrows over the past few years, but lockdown gave us all an excuse to let them grow. Options for facial treatments in our Berkhamsted Spa will be available soon so here are some great treatments that can tame your brows:

Eyebrow Tinting – If you’re pretty happy with your natural eyebrow shape, you might consider tinting. Semi-permanent dye (as close to your natural tone as possible) is used to add colour to the hairs that are already there – giving you thicker, fuller brows that look natural and a little more defined. It’s a really fast process too, so you can squeeze in an appointment around your day. It will also save you time re-applying your eyebrows every morning – great if you’re trying to get used to going to work early in the mornings again.

Eyebrow Threading – If you haven’t tried threading, you might be surprised by the results. Threading has been around for a long time – historians believe that the art of threading eyebrows may be as much as 6,000 years old, originating from India and Iran. It uses very thin threads that are twisted to form a loop around each hair, to gently pull it out from the roots. It’s quick, long-lasting, and precise. If you’ve got some hairs you really want to get rid of, this is a good one to try. It can be as quick as 5-7 minutes, and you can even get other facial hair threaded at the same time.

Microblading – If you want a true eyebrow make-over, try microblading. Even those with sparse eyebrows can make the most out of this, so it’s ideal if you’ve got annoying bald spots in your brows. It uses tiny needles to add hair-like lines onto your brow, a little like a tattoo – but it’s semi-permanent. If that sounds eye-watering to you, don’t worry – it’s not actually painful. Microblading is versatile, and can be used to thicken eyebrows, add shape and structure, fill in bald patches, and even go darker. It’s worth having a good look to find an eyebrow technician with a lot of experience – you can always ask to see photos of the finished results to decide if you want to go for it. Microblading takes longer – it can take up to 2 hours.

Micro-Waxing – If you’ve got very bushy brows, micro-waxing is another good option for removal. Warm wax is applied, followed by paper strips, which are pulled away quickly – just in the same way as a leg wax. Because the surface area is small, the pain you might feel won’t last for very long at all, and some people find it more comfortable than threading, but not as precise. Micro-waxing can take 20 minutes or so, so not too long.

Eyebrow Lamination – Want to ensure your brows look and stay in perfect shape and volume for longer? Then brow lamination is for you. This process helps shape your brows into the perfect form, and then set them in place to maintain a perfect overall shape to your brows. After the lamination treatment your brows looks and feed fuller, thicker and straighter and what’s best, they stay like that for up to 6 weeks.

We will be taking bookings in our beautiful day spa in the heart of Berkhamsted to tame those brows just as soon as we are able to do so.

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