Get the Glow to Get you Through the Winter Months

Winter is beautiful in its own right, sparkling and frosty, but the sun can be hard to find. Amongst the run up to Christmas and all the festive celebrations that go along with it are also darker days and bad weather to battle with.

Spray Tanning Berkhamsted

With this in mind, we are all likely to want to know how we can best get through the winter months and hopefully find ourselves out the other end in the midst of Spring! One approach that you might not even have thought about is getting yourself a spray tan.

So, what makes a spray tan the ideal way to get through the winter months?

It is going to make you feel great

The first reason is one of the most obvious, there is no better feeling than having an amazing tan. Stepping out with a golden glow is the confidence boost that so many people need, and this is usually only resigned to the summer months. But who says that winter isn’t a time to have a spray tan? Sure, most of us think that winter is all about being pale and interesting, but we think that just because the weather is less than spectacular, that doesn’t mean that you tan can’t be!

You don’t have to pay out for winter sun

A popular way to brighten up those winter months is to book in for a winter sun escape. Sure, in the most part these holidays are somewhat cheaper than travelling in peak time, but they do still come at an expense, not ideal when Christmas has taken its toll. With a spray tan you can feel some of the benefits of heading abroad for a break, but at a fraction of the cost. Sure, you won’t be all relaxed and refreshed as you would if you had been on holiday, but you will still have the glow to show for it, as well as a much healthier bank balance too.

It encourages you to look after your skin

One common thing that happens during the winter months is that many of us neglect our skin care routines, after all, out of sight out of mind! The great thing about having a spray tan is that it means that you have to take better care of your skin. You are going to need to give your body a good exfoliate and moisturise before you go for the spray tan as this ensures that the tan is even and to the best standard too. Not only this, but it will also help to remove the dead skin cells that can so easily build up during the winter and leave you with refreshed skin too!

There are so many reasons to book in for a spray tan this winter, what are you waiting for? Our luxury day spa in Berkhamsted has a range of sunless tanning options to choose from. Give yourself the glow and before you know it, the sun will be back out and you can bask in all the glory of having a natural, sun-kissed tan of your own.

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