Different Ways to Tame Your Brows

Getting your eyebrows right can make such a huge difference to your face, your make-up and how your features are framed. Whether you like large dark brows, neat and shaped brows or really dramatic eyebrows there are great treatments available at Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted to get you brow perfect in no time.

There is no one treatment that is best, each individual person will choose the method best for their needs and the results they are looking for. Here are a range of options to choose from when looking to get ‘Brow-Tastic’:

Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow waxing is a method of shaping the brows using wax to remove the hair. Just like waxing on other parts of the body the wax is laid on to the areas requiring hair removals and then whipped off quickly taking the wax and the hair with it. The skill to getting a good brow shape with wax is the skill of the waxer, ensuring they follow the shape of the brows evenly and then neaten up in-between each brow. It is quick and relatively painless if you are used to waxing but can leave your brows a little red for a few hours.

Eyebrow Threading

Threading is an ancient Indian way of removing hair which has become incredibly popular in recent years. Threading involves twisting cotton around the hairs and pulling them out. It is possibly a little more painful than waxing as it goes on for longer, but it is not too uncomfortable. The huge benefit to threading is the accuracy is so much better than waxing. If you are wanting to change the shape of your brows or go for a dramatic look then threading may be your best option.

Eyebrow Tinting

Once you have the right shape for the eyebrow look you are going for then you may want to consider having your brows tinted to make them really stand out and add a little framing to your face. If this is your first-time tinting, then choose a colour that is close to your own as you don’t want to go too dark on your first try. Tinting is way to colour your brows and it lasts as long as your brow hairs do giving it a natural fade over time. You can have tinting in addition to most brow shaping treatments.

Eyebrow Tweezing

Tweezing eyebrows is something many people will do as the finishing touch after an eyebrow wax or threading to pick out any specific hairs that have been missed or don’t look quite right. But is can also be the way to shape your entire brows.

Microblading for Eyebrows

If you have tiny eyebrows or have plucked them until they are hardly there and want a fuller brow back, then microblading is for you. Microblading is a type of eyebrow architecture, it can create the perfect eyebrows for you face and is semi-permanent. It works by adding a pigment to the fine layer of your skin underneath your eyebrow hairs to fill out and give shape where there are none. A tiny tool makes scratches in your skin and then the pigment is left, and it looks like fine natural hair strokes. A little like tattooing but only scratching the surface of the skin, not the deep layers.

If you want amazing eyebrows, then book an appointment with Cecily Day Spa and get the brows you have always wanted.

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